How to Make a Vanilla Pavlova

How to Make a Vanilla Pavlova

I created a cooking video for my Multimedia Applications class the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. This project had to include various angles, music/audio introductions, as well as interesting footage. I decided to create a vanilla pavlova for my video editing project; this is a recipe that I enjoy making with my family and its also something I wanted to share with others. I decided to use the ‘sheet’ technique to make a blank background for my video. This way, others can see what I’m doing and not pay too much attention to my surroundings. I also selected French songs to play in the background because there are words at the bottom of the screen and I wouldn’t want the cross between the two. It was an enjoyable process – one with many difficulties and surprises; I also found that any roadblocks you might face while filming are always solved when you’re able to eat your final project. The editing of the video was made easier by a filming plan I created when I started the process of recording my video. Overall, the experience was meaningful and I was able to learn a lot more about the actual process of filming and editing a video – tools that will be extremely beneficial in the future.


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How to Make the Perfect Pavlova

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